Samsung Wave give away to developers and journalists

Posted on May 27 2010 - 4:42pm by Flux

At the beginning of this week, Samsung  passed out Samsung Waves to everyone around during Developer Day (May 24th) in South Africa.  During the conference, there were more details about what to expect.

  • Similar to Windows 7 model, the Bada platform will not allow 3rd-party programs to run in the background; however, native apps will have that freedom
  • Similar to Apple’s store, Samsung will filter out any sexually-suggestive and drug-related content, gambling with real money, or incites violences or hate.
  • No need to sign in.
  • Apps can be free or paid.  Paid apps are paid by credit card and hopefully through carrier billing

As for venturing out to Q3, PhoneReport had a chat with Brett Loubser from Samsung Mobile’s Product Division in South Africa.  They learned that the next Bada smartphone will be Wave-like at the sub-$200 USD level and another with a physical keyboard.  This reminds us what was seen in Russia on April 5th:

The remaining thoughts were:

  • At launch of the Bada App Store, 20 countries including South Africa will be served.  Within a few months they plan to hit 80 countries.
  • Samsung hopes to sell 10 million Bada handsets this year, and 20 million by the end of next year.

There are early-adopters of end-users but there certainly are those to are developers who early-adopters of new code and environment.  Success or not, there is a lot to gain in two points:

  1. Samsung Bada Applications promotion video:
  2. httpv://

  3. Samsung bada (2.7mil USD) Developer Challenge:

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