Samsung Omnia II vs. Nexus One: Camera Applications Comparison

Posted on Jan 14 2010 - 4:08pm by mrwangkai

Nexus One uses the same AMOLED display screen as the Samsung Omnia II. We have set the Omnia II aside Nexus One to test the camera application on both of these devices. For the comparison, we took a look at the camera’s settings, photo quality and video quality.

The Samsung Omnia II has more extensive settings available than the Nexus One. And in terms of photo and video qualities, the Omnia II has a brighter and warmer color. Nexus One, on the other hand has a more refined and sharp image.

Check out the comparison video below and the images taken by the 2 devices will be posted after the break.

Comparison Video of the Camera on Samsung Omnia II vs. Nexus One

Photo Quality Test: Omnia II vs. Nexus One

Below are the 2 sets of images taken by Samsung Omnia II and Nexus One respectively. You may click to enlarge the image. In general, the Omnia II produces a brighter and warmer color scheme, while the Nexus One’s image are relatively clearer and sharper.

Samsung Omnia II

Google Nexus One

Video Recording Quality Test: Omnia II vs. Nexus One

Below is the video recording quality test for the two devices. On the left is the Samsung Omnia II and on the right is the Nexus One. In general, the Samsung Omnia II produces a better video quality. While there is a 4 seconds difference (Omnia II is longer), the per second memory used is very similar. Check out the videos below:

Samsung Omnia II / Google Nexus One


This camera application comparison gives us an idea of how the settings, photo quality and video quality fares on the two devices. And although the above 3 criteria are quite important, it will come down to the overall users’ experience with the camera to pass judgement.

Which one do you prefer?

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