Note2Self: Sending Voice Mail to Your Email

Posted on Aug 12 2009 - 4:22pm by mrwangkai
Version: 2.05
Cost: $4.95 (trial download available)
Web IS, Inc.(Developer Info)

Note2Self allows you to quickly record a voice note and have it sent as an email to your email address of choice with just two button presses: start/stop! No user interface to mess with. No complexities. Just drive/walk/whatever and press the user-configured hotkey to start recording and the hotkey again to stop – instant voice mail!

Have you ever wander on the street or somewhere in your office when a thought pop up in your head. Without time to get a pen, you pull out your Windows Mobile device and voice recorded your idea. Days past by and that voice recording file sits in your device’s storage, neglected and forgotten.

Using the Note2Self, you can get immediate alert for note-taking. There are 3 ways that you can use to send your voice notes:

  1. Using your existing ActiveSync connection
  2. Using your own SMTP Server which you can import from FlexMail or enter manually
  3. Using the WebIS Note2Self Sending Service – just type in your subscription code and you’re done!

Never forget your recorded notes and be able to access it from just about anywhere!

For more information about Note2Self, check out the application’s page here, or the reference (PDF).


Check out more screenshots of Note2Self here.


Min Req: Windows Mobile 5 and 6
PocketPCs and Smartphones
Device Applicable: Samsung Omnia
Samsung Epix
Samsung Blackjack
Samsung Jack
Samsung Propel Pro
Price: Freeware
Ratings [ratings]
Target Audience: Note2Self costs, but if getting your ideas and inspiration down in time is precious to you, then the $4.95 would be worth it.

Note: Download file is trial download for PocketPCs. Other versions available.

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  1. mrwangkai August 13, 2009 at 12:04 am -

    Checked it out. Check out our article on Dial2Do:

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    How’s Life?

    Have you check out

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