‘Bing’ by Microsoft Aimed to be a Decision Engine

Posted on May 28 2009 - 3:03pm by mrwangkai

Update: Mobile site for Bing is now up. Simply point your mobile browser to m.bing.com. Have fun Bing-ing!

Developing a search engine no longer has the cool factor it used to be associated with. A few weeks ago, we witnessed the birth of Wolfram Alpha, a computation knowledge engine whose goal is to provide knowledge based on your query. Today, with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s introduction, we say ‘Hello’ to Bing, the software giant’s latest quest to be a leader in the search market.

So what is this ‘Bing’ thing?

Bing is the new search engine that has been developed by Microsoft to meet the demand for better search engine. The 3 minute long video give a brief demonstration of how Bing will work.

Initially Bing will be targeting 4 search verticals, namely shopping, travel, health and local. With these 4 search verticals placed next to your search result, Bing hope to guide you to make better decision through better information.

The origin of the funky name, believe it or not, did not came from the loved sitcom “Friends“. According to Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President of the Online Audience Business Group the factors that contributed to the name Bing included its memorability, freshness and its appeal to global users.

While jokes were being made about the picked name, but who can forget the short and easy to remember ‘Bing’ and its URL-friendliness. Google had to adopt the URL g.cn to appeal to users in China who were not comfortable with spelling out Google.com.

How does it relate to Samsung WM?

Since the search engine is a revamp of the current Live search, it was expected that a mobile client will become available for Bing. Currently the download link is redirected to Live search downloads. Once Bing is launched on June 3rd, the mobile client should allow its users to get access to the function of its desktop self. We will keep you updated on this as the date draws closer.

More Details about ‘Bing’

With the June 3rd approaches, we will keep you posted on Bing’s mobile client!
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