Samsung Omnia as your Digital Photo Frame

Posted on Dec 12 2008 - 5:36am by Hansoo

Looking to share the pictures of your lovely children or your summer vacation with your family during this holiday season? Now you can do so without having to part with another portion of your paycheck. All you need is a Samsung Omnia!

To do so, simply go to your Program list and choose Digital Frame. Once there, you can make all sorts of changes to the settings including transition effect, background sound and many others.

Figure 1: Digital Frame menu allows changes with a touch including picture size (fullscreen), show time and date. The menu will auto-hide after moments of inactivity.

Finally, load up the pictures, play the background music, sit back and relax. It’s the holiday season!

Figure 2: You can make changes to the option of the Digital Photo Frame including Transition
Effect, Transition Time and Background Sound. And finally, ta-da, enjoy your own creation. 🙂


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