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Posted on Sep 16 2008 - 9:09pm by Hansoo

Google has improved their Search with My Location, the same cell tower triangulation technology used by Google Maps.  What this means for those that use Google Search (the downloadable homescreen searchbar add-on) or the search site using PocketIE is that search results will be updated based upon your current location.  In many ways this is an improvement on the old search, which only returned results based upon a static user-specified location.  Now, results are returned that are closest to your current location, and can change automatically when you are at a different location.

You can search for businesses (restaurants, bars, hair salons, etc.), movie times, the weather, and probably some others we don’t know about yet.  Sometimes websites are returned before location-based search results, so you may have to scroll down a few pages.

When you have Google Maps installed and click on Driving directions from the search results, Google Maps will load with the address entered as the End Point.  The user can then select My Location as the Start Point and continue to get the driving directions.

The Cell ID technology used by Google Maps and Search that approximates your position is much faster than GPS so in some ways Google Search is more convenient than similar services like Microsoft Live Search.  Hopefully Google will release an actual Search application in the near future so users are not coupled to a web browser or limited home screen.

To start using Search with My Location, simply visit from your mobile and click on “try My Location” underneath the search bar and follow the instructions.


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