Add a picture to contacts on your Samsung BlackJack

Posted on Jul 15 2008 - 9:37pm by Flux

You can add pictures to the Outlook contacts on your BlackJack (I and II) smartphone so you will see a picture on the Caller ID when you receive a call from them.  There are two ways to add a picture to a contact on your smartphone.  Both ways give the same result, so choose whichever is most convenient to you.


To do it the first way, open Contacts from the start menu or home screen and navigate to the contact you would like to add a picture to (Note: you can only add pictures to Outlook contacts).  Press the right soft key for Menu and select Edit.  Scroll down to the Picture option and press the center scroll button.  The following screen automatically opens My Pictures where you can select your desired picture.  If it’s not in My Pictures, press the right soft key for Menu and select My Device, from there you can navigate to where your picture is stored.

To do it using the second way, open My Stuff and navigate to My Pictures or to where the picture you want to use is stored.  With the picture selected, press the right soft key for Menu and then Set As > Caller ID.  On the following screen, you will be prompted for a contact to attach the picture to.  You can choose from any of them or create a new contact to attach it to by pressing the right soft key for Menu and selecting New Contact.

And no that’s not really Fabio’s number in the screenshots.

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